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walls vs. mountains
Jan 24, 2017

The Song of Songs is my favorite holy scripture. I love to read it, teach it, confess it….I’m in the process of teaching it again right now and as always it ministers to my own heart fresh and anew each time.

In Song 2:9 we find Jesus gazing through the window and seeing us behind the wall of protection. Here we have sat and been refreshed with Him. However from behind our wall of protection we hear His voice and see Him easily scaling over mountains and hills. The problem is we are perfectly fine where we are. We don’t really believe running over mountains with Him is necessary. This is spiritual warfare. One important thing to note is this is not about EXTERNAL things. It’s not about a physical move, or location change, this is about our INTERNAL struggles.

The walls were to protect us for a season. While we learn to trust Jesus and commune with Him the walls protecting us are actually merciful and full of grace. In the beginning of our journey His voice is always heard WITHIN the walls. When it is heard for the first time OUTSIDE of the walls is the first time we experience this painful turmoil….are we going to trust in Him in the painful, looming obstacles of our heart?

You see, if we stay in the walls all we see is INWARD. How WE feel; what WE think, what WE have experienced, how WE have been hurt…..and all this does is cause us to retreat deeper and find anyway possible to not have to go out there to the high mountain (aka, hurt, problem, obstacle, wounding, etc) that Jesus is now calling us from to come join Him! And before we know it Jesus is shut out and we find that our intimacy is slowly waning.

But Jesus waits for us…He keeps His watchful eye on us…patiently He keeps releasing His wonderful love until we find the bravely and courage to join Him on the journey healing. A journey into greater intimacy.

If you have found yourself afraid to come out of the self protection walls pray today for the Lord to draw you closer. Pray today for the strength and courage to trust Him. He is gentle and will not harm you. He will not allow you to slip and fall. And before long you will know, by experience, that mountain climbing is far better than life behind the wall.

Our Blog

a current confession
Jan 21, 2017

How transformed we can be when the Words of God flow from our heart and mouths!

“I love Him passionately although I do not see Him; and through my belief and faith in Him I am saturated with an ecstatic joy, indescribably grand and immersed in glory!”

Our Blog

speak it!
Jan 03, 2017

So, I think I’m going to do a series of confessions to speak over myself this year. Of course, I’m typing these out for me…however I figured they may bless you as well.

Our Blog

it’s so unfair!
Jun 01, 2016

How many times has that come flying out of your heart and mouth as you’re looking upward wondering if the Father even cares about your struggle!?! Come on! Admit it!!! You’ve actually contemplated that He could literally be picking on you….sweet, “I’m trying” YOU!

Our Blog

Nov 26, 2015

Today, I’m thankful for all the storms I have faced this past year. They each caused me to lean closer into and find shelter in Jesus.

I’m thankful for every knife that was thrust in my back, especially from the ones who I thought were close friends, ministry partners, and family. You each caused me to remember that it is the applause of One, His, that I am living for. You each helped me to learn what it means to walk in forgiveness.

I’m thankful for every lie and accusation, and every critical judgment spoken of me. It caused me to reflect on my heart, and my love walk. It made me strive to be more like Jesus regardless of your opinions. It caused me to circumcise my heart where there was truth in what you said; and also taught me to rehearse what it is that Jesus has said about me is far more important.

I’m thankful for all the physical struggles I have had this year. They have taught me that Jesus does still heal…and even that healing through doctors is not “second hand” but just as anointed as if I didn’t have to go through surgery.

I’m thankful for all of the plans that’s fizzled out; the things I thought I really wanted and didn’t pan out; for the arguments I lost; for the moments where it looked like I didn’t have enough; for the heartbreak; and the rejection. All of it made Jesus more beautiful to me. It made me grow in grace and faith. It sharpened my sword and my focus. It made me draw deeper on the love and faithfulness of my Heavenly Father. I have seen His face and His hand in the good and the bad. In what He gives and what He takes away. In what He says “yes” to and what He says “no” to. In all of it though, He has said, “I love you.”
Happy Thanksgiving!

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