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Hiding & Hiddenness

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Hiding yourself in the Lord and being hidden by the Lord are two vast extremes. Each has its warfare and overflow of emotions. But in both you are given the grace and favor of the Lord to abide.
In your pursuit to hide yourself you are filled with the war of emotions that are internal against yourself. Thoughts about your own unworthiness; the greatness of your own sin, etc. All of these thoughts want to stop us from abiding in His hiding place. We are given a grace to hunger after Him and pursue Him regardless of the thoughts that want to interfere and stop us.
When we find ourselves in the season of hiddenness that has been prescribed by the Lord, the warfare shifts. Now all the thoughts that war against us are coming from without. Thoughts like, “they don’t want me,” “they overlooked me,” ”how could they abandon me,” and more. When we are hidden by Him, it is just that. We are hidden. The Lord has purposed for you to not be seen…He wants you. We are then given a grace to shift our focus from what others are doing to just keep looking at Him. We have to learn to be satisfied with just Him.
Hiding yourself and being hidden are necessary seasons for every heart that longs for more of Him.
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