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Mark 8:18

Having eyes, see ye not and having ears, hear ye not and do ye not remember.

The disciples had forgotten to bring along some bread on this particular trip, and when Jesus began speaking to them about spiritual matters (verse 15) and he charged them, saying, “Take heed, beware of the leaven of the Pharisees, and of the leaven of Herod,” the disciples didn’t have a clue what He was talking about. They reasoned that Jesus must have been talking about the bread they had forgotten.

Aren’t we the same way? We think we understand so much when in all actuality we don’t have a clue! They thought that Jesus must be worried about the fact that there was no bread on the boat. Jesus asks them (I will paraphrase), “Hello!  Do you really think I am worried about that?  Did you forget about the multitudes that were fed? Think about it guys!” I can imagine  the  tone  in  His voice was slightly comparable to mine when I am the forty days He fasted in the wilderness. He definitely could’ve lasted on this short trip.

“Do you not remember?” Jesus says. Of course, as soon as He said that, they all remembered. I can see their eyes opening wide and saying, “Oh yeah!” This is where I want us to concentrate today. The definition for remember does not only mean to recall, but it also means to ‘rehearse.’ We are fortunate today because we have the Word of God readily available to us. Let’s say if today something occurred, and we immediately thought, “Oh no! We aren’t going to have ________!” That blank can be filled in with a multitude of   things—money, peace, joy, victory, deliverance, health, etc. As soon as that thought comes, we need to rehearse the Word. We need to go to the Word and get the Truth. The Word of God is what allows us to see Jesus, to hear Jesus, and remember what Jesus does, did, and said. We rehearse His Word.

If the disciples had rehearsed what had happened previously, they would have known not to be concerned about the lack of bread. That is what Jesus wants us to do today. Too often though we are wringing our hands nervously and assuming we know everything.  And Jesus has to get our attention by saying, “Hey, don’t you remember?” If not, you can refresh your memory by opening the Word of God. You will be pleasantly satisfied to see that whatever you are lacking can be filled with Him and by Him.  


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